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The Dark Face of Immigration

June 8, 2013

For years now the reality that looms fierce and feral on our country and on our Europe, is hidden, mystified and censored by the mainstream media. The facts, as we are served up, show the “immigrant labor” as a valuable asset for Italy, as something essential that we not only must accept, but also protect. The result of this campaign pro-otherness has paid off, and it would be fair to analyze with the appropriate optical neutrality, devoid of filters and screens imposed by the “politically correct” that has polluted the mind and spirit of millions of Europeans. The data reported by the Dossier on Immigration 2011 in Italy confront us in alarming numbers. In 2010 were spent between 34 and 52 billion EUR for immigrants, offset by 3.3 billion paid into state coffers by these immigrants. These costs are certainly a surplus for any country prosperous and active, but they are even heavier in a country where poverty and recession have led to suicide many Italian entrepreneurs, as well as led to emigration of our own countrymen causing yet another social and economic damage. Let me be clear, these expenses are to be considered as specific and justified in detail by the Bank of Italy and do not take into account the damage caused by these same foreign entities in our country in terms of exploitation of prostitution, drug trafficking, weapons and whatever. In this regard, I feel obliged to make a note; though it is true that the three pillars of the European community have been abolished by the Lisbon Treaty of 2009 is considered indecent policy adopted by states like Austria, which simply echoes back illegals of any ethnicity from Italian soil (land of passage obliged for purely geographical issues), thus contributing to the worsening of the problem that is devouring us from within. Comparing the situation in 2012/2013 and actually taking into account the costs of this “pleasure” of having strangers in the house the figures are around € 100 billion per year, a figure that cancels plenty of 29
billion euro as currency brought in from Italy tourism in 2010. Free thinkers who over the years have taken the trouble to inform and communicate with the rest of the population about the events have been accused of racism, and in some cases marked as “anti-Semites”. This happens even when we face the image of a nigger Minister for Integration that even just refuses to shake hands with the leader of the Northern League (Lega Nord) in the City of Milan.

Bad was the decision to create a ministry based on a sociological process, as well bad was the choice to put at the head a Congolese whose interest is to make illegal immigration a status that requires protection, such as the panda for WWF, leaving us helpless to assist in a process that leads directly from the decriminalization to a privileged status.Italians in particular should be outraged by this sort of “nigger claim” and anti-white policy that is bringing all sorts of advantage to immigrant populations, while the natives remain in misery. We should not forget the words of Mohamed Ben Brahim Boukharouba, better known by the name of Houari Boumedienne, who in 1974 said: “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory”. Very strong words, but just as current and relevant and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. What happens every day in Sweden, Italy, France and England is a clear proof. I know immigrants who have obtained Italian citizenship despite being UNABLE to utter any word in Italian, as I know others who do not know any historical event related not only to the city in which they live, but also to Italy in its entirety.

Costs of immigration, referring to 2010. (Source: Bank of Italy)
For more information I find very interesting this page.


Item of Spenditure Estimated expenditure in billions of Euros
Health spending 10 – 12
School spending 5 – 6
Spending of Commons 0.5 – 1
Housing spending 5 – 10
Expenditure in prison and courts 3 – 4
Hospitality-Expulsions 0,5 – 1
Political refugees 2
Miscellaneous expenses 2 – 4
Remittances abroad 6 – 12
Total Expenses 34 – 52


Intake Estimated expenditure in billions of Euros
Irpef tax employees 1,8
Irpef tax self-employed 0,3
Irpef tax contract-workers 0,1
Iva 1,0
Taxes residence permits and citizenship 0,1
Total Revenue 3,3

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