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Of Man and Nature

June 13, 2013

We only need to look the current “civilitazion” to understand how this won’t last long, or rather, we won’t be a part of it for much longer. All the core values of the flourishing European culture are now a distant memory because of social deprivation imposed by the toxic and polluting mediatic “brand jew” tide, combined with the political control that this one has achieved in the last century. What was originally identified as the primary purpose of our existence has been replaced by false idols, by small and momentary comfort that now appear to be necessary and essential in the passing of our lives.

Those among us who can see this degradation have the duty to preserve life in its original beauty, and being the man a mortal creature the only way to achieve this goal is the preservation of our future, whose face is that of our children. They are the first who need us to take position since they are the weakest. The mind of a child is like a small plant, whose green wood is extremely susceptible to conformational changes, and once the plant has grown crooked will be impossible to straighten. The cultural aberrations leads not only to the mere bastardization of our same ethnic group, but aim to make our children an easy target of violence and abuse from any source.

We have to look back to understand what we are. Mankind is constantly evolving and its nature can be identified as an evolutionary process. This deduction stems from the simple analysis in small of life itself. Life is a path that makes sense only when have clear its origin (the identification of a nucleus of birth, specifically the family) and its destination (the awareness of death, that is balanced by the ancestral call to procreation). Moving this vision into the existence of the present European man we can’t feel but guilty about how far are now the elementary concepts that our fathers and our fathers’ fathers have handed down to us. This is evidenced by the fact that from 2000 to 2005 Asia reported a population growth rate of 237,771 million, aswell in Africa this data amounted to 92,293 million, 38,052 million in Latin America, 16,241 million in North America, 1,955 million in Oceania, while Europe is the only one with a growth rate of population in negative (-3.264 million), and this number includes all the non-Europeans with European citizenship. Reflecting on these numbers using as a reference the basic principle of modern scientific method, the Novacula Occami (better known as Occam’s Razor: “With the same factors, the simplest explanation is to be preferred “) it’s plausible to infer that part of the Europeans have lost their instinct of procreation. About this we can speculate forever, but it’s certain that some events have caused the descent of procreation in the scale of values. In nature it’s known as the changes in the natural habitat of a species may affect the relative social behavior, and these changes can result in the suppression and slumber of the procreative nature that lies within each creature. Introducing new species or subspecies has often proved detrimental as much as the destruction the natural habitat itself.

If we want to delve even better in this aspect it must be remembered that the Human race is in itself “social”, as it’s in the nature of every man to congregate in groups, and within these often arises the more “deserving” elements whose role within the “herd” will be overwhelming. This taking of power is usually done in the name of “the survival of the fittest” law, where everyone has the right to challenge the depositary of charge in order to become the primary point of reference. One of the crucial points of being a leader is to preserve our own pack, being the first to go into battle and the last to retreat. Being a leader means Responsibility, a term that has now lost its meaning or, to put it better, it has only a “philosophical” value, and commonly a concept labeled as such can not be taken into account in the pragmatism of everyday life. I quote: “The term responsibility comes from the Latin respònsus, past participle of the verb respondere, that is answer, in a general philosophical meaning, commitment to respond, to someone or themselves, for their own actions and the consequences derived from it”. “To answer for their actions to someone or themselves,” and at present it is unclear how this “someone” is independently chosen from those who represent our communities, regardless of number and extent of beggars. I often say that “things are never only in a manner,” and I’m quite sure that this is one of the cases. It cannot be said that these leaders doesn’t take to heart their herd, but it is clear how these have favorites, protégés, subjects to defend and preserve ABOVE all other. The choice of these individuals is not made independently, but it is imposed by the environmental conditions. In this scenario, therefore, we see how the kinky introduction or removal of one or more elements may disrupt the society in question, losing the community orientation and forcing individuals to adapt to the new imposed conditions, and how these adaptations may be thousands as outcome of the immense interpersonal diversity in individuals of the same group/ethnicity, will certainly be others in a group in which there will be an entity, physical or not, intended to create thoughts and trends, to develop identity and to engender models. The subjects in this case will be indoctrinated and will slavishly follow the footsteps traced for them by someone else. Of course there will be many paths aswell, but those footsteps trod by more seems less fraught with dangers, thanks to the innate confidence that a man can have in his similar, concept that sees his reply in the natural sense of mistrust that a man feels towards a dissimilar. These are all natural paths, but if some alien entity marks a vicious trial, this will be crossed by thousands of unaware men who will give power and voice one another in affirming the sanctity of choice they’ve made. To understand how is really evolving a social reality is essential looking back to find comfort and strength in those that before us have heard and felt a strong connection with their original nature with their instinct. And it is the instinct the first to perish under the fierce brainwashing that affects every day thousands of Europeans of all ages, and its silent disappearance leaves room for otherness that have imposed their social path, which continues in being strenuously fortified. They will mark it in depth, place lights and embellishments so that always more of those unsuspeting men will be tempted to follow it, then they will simply make believe the community to be “free” to choose, but we know that the vast majority will choose the convenience, the inconsistent idea of fake security and well-being, of eternal life and eternal youth, hi-tech and scenic miracles. And in that context any other path can be wiped out, the traces can be erased removing aswell the chance for those who are keen to claim it, but in spite of this there will always be proud Europeans who refuse to behave as result of an existential process dictated angrily from these xenophilous and foreign entities. In these Europeans still burns the fire that strongly burnt inside our fathers, and this fire yield them as both rightful fathers and sons of our proud and everlasting Europe.


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