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The Cancer Cure that Worked

June 29, 2013

In many see how the actual medicine overcame important barriers. The struggle against various types of cancer is proving more and more effective, as well as the advent of new drug technologies has eradicated some diseases that only a few decades ago were considered lethal.

The pharmaceutical lobby makes us believe how much they have at heart the welfare and health of each population, encouraging the development of new molecules so that anyone can find an ideal drug dealing any disease. The process leading to the creation of a drug is very long and expensive, but the alleged benefits they bring are far superior to any commitment, just like huge is the direct income into the pockets of these pharmaceutical companies. It’s convenient to point out how certain types of drugs possess effects such as to require the concomitant use of other drugs that often reports a long list of side effects and interactions that make the patient weak and susceptible to other diseases, as well as dependent to a wide range of medicines.

All of you shall know how in a scenario dominated pharmaceutical chemicals some physicians and scientist have distinguished themselves and carried out projects crowned with huge successes in the annihilation of a wide range of diseases (including cancer), and these goals have been achieved without the use of any type of medication.
One of these luminaries, which according to the local press in short-term should have been awarded with the Nobel Prize for Medicine, was named Royal Raymond Rife.

I invite you to take knowledge of the subject by, for example, these links:

The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife (documentary).

History of R.R.Rife.

The Rife Machine Report, pdf file with more advanced information on the mechanics of operation of the Beam Ray Machine that he conceived.

A correct view of the world we live in is subject to a fair and uncensored vision of modern history, and one of the most important chapters of it in science has been deliberately and viciously deleted from the records. In many around the world continue to die from diseases that, through the procedures described by Rife, could have been easily  deleted, and this figure is associated with dramatic intentionality on the part of pharmaceutical companies (which of course are supported by our corrupt governments) in poisoning concealed by therapeutic purposes.

To find more information you just need to google it, i’m almost certain that there will be informations in about any language.


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